Bus Station Infographic Art - Population

Client: The City of Cape Town  Medium: Vinyl on glass

We were commissioned to create 6 artworks on the new rapid transport bus stations in Cape Town. Our approach involved creating striking infographics using data related to the area the station was located.


Woodstock Population Since 1865. This public art infographic / data visualisation explores the changing population demographic of the suburb of Woodstock in Cape Town, from 1865 to 2001.


Our objective for each of these artworks was to create an aesthetically pleasing image or pattern from information related to the area immediately surrounding each station. Woodstock as an area has a variety of aspects that could be explored and visualised, but after some consideration we realised that what makes this suburb so unique and interesting is its people. It remained a racially mixed area during apartheid and has been influenced by a wide variety of cultures.


The graphic’s shape is entirely determined by the data and from a distance creates a striking visual, reminiscent of the movement of a swarm of insects or a shoal of fish. Closer inspection reveals greater detail and historical events that influenced the population have been noted in order to contextualise the data. As it is located in the entrance corridor of the station, it is designed to be viewed as commuters move past it, creating a linear story. The isometric overlapping blocks create an illusion of three dimensional depth and add to the aesthetic impact of the bright colours.


For detailed overview of the project please visit: Hannah Williams (co-colaborator)  »