Bus Station Infographic Art – The Future

Client: The City of Cape Town  Medium: Vinyl on glass

We were commissioned to create 6 artworks on the new rapid transport bus stations in Cape Town. Our approach involved creating striking infographics using data related to the area the station was located.


The Future. This station looks out onto the sports fields of Milnerton High School and this infographic is a visualisation of the future as seen through the eyes of the pupils at the school.


The graphic was created using data collected via a survey of the pupils of Milnerton High School. The survey presented a variety of possible future events of both local and global relevance, and allowed students to check a box next to the time period they believed it might happen, if ever. Using the principals of the steam graph format this striking visual is reminiscent of a ray gun or graffitti from a distance. The steam graph format works well as there is no definative date assigned to any particular event, rather it depicts the spread of predictions and clearly shows areas of strong agreement.


For detailed overview of the project please visit: Hannah Williams (co-colaborator)  »